Get Your Gutters Cleaned for the Holiday Season

Welcome to the holiday season! Along with all the presents, football, fun, and heavy jackets, it’s time to invest in making sure your home is in the best shape possible. Your gutters are a crucial part of that, and that’s where Squeegee Pros come into play.  Why Cleaning Your Gutters is so Critical Here’s why…

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Common Gutter Issues and How to Prevent Them

If you’re a Pacific Northwest homeowner, you’ve navigated our rainy season before. But while the grey skies might be old news for you, they can do a number on your property. A professional gutter cleaning service is a simple way to protect your home - and your investment! OUR GUTTER CLEANING SOLUTION We know that gutter cleaning isn’t just a component of your property maintenance checklist: It’s an essential component. That’s why our professionals deliver a thorough service to protect your investment. We use a time-tested method to clean your gutters and prepare them for reliable service. First, you can get an instant bid right from our website to get an estimate for the project. After making an appointment that suits your calendar, our team will: Arrive trained, courteous, and ready for service If needed, remove lawn ornamentation to prepare the worksite Safely position ladders around the perimeter of your home Remove debris and buildup from your gutter system Clear clogs from your downspouts Test the gutter system to make sure it runs smoothly Leave your gutters clean and ready to protect your home a4e4263a-f074-11eb-8183-a0369f10330e Get A Free Estimate YOUR GUTTER CLEANING GUARANTEE With gutter cleaning from Squeegee Pros, you are investing in the quality of your property. Our team delivers a professional service that will: Prevent flooding into your basement and around foundation Stop erosion to your landscaping and soil Kill mold and mildew to prevent a costly issue down the road Keep out infestations from insects and rodents Your gutters the tool that every home needs. Your property relies on this system when rain is in the forecast - and they let you approach any weather with peace of mind. Let Squeegee Pros meet your gutter cleaning needs all year long!

The gutter is an often overlooked component of your roof. When well-maintained, gutters do an excellent job of draining rainwater away from roofs and precious interiors. However, without proper care, gutters can clog up with surrounding pollutants, causing severe damage to your building and posing potential health hazards.    Leaky Gutters   Snow, water, and…

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7 Reasons Why it’s Important to Keep Your Gutters Cleaned Out

As the winter approaches, every homeowner goes through an inevitable ritual of prepping for the cold months ahead. As a homeowner, you may ensure the heating system works, make sure the pipes are protected, install drafts around windows and doors, and do other similar tasks. That said, there’s one job that typically gets forgotten about:…

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