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Professional Window Cleaning brightens up your home and business. Our professional window cleaners specialize in cleaning windows in the greater Seattle area with the speed and care they deserve. Once you have your windows cleaned you’ll be surprised you went so long without it.

We provide professional residential window cleaning in the Greater Seattle Area. We are Licensed and Insured with 18+ years of experience cleaning windows throughout Seattle.

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At our company, we specialize in providing top-notch residential window cleaning and pressure washing services. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we strive to deliver exceptional results that leave our clients' homes sparkling clean and well-maintained. Whether it's removing dirt, grime, or stubborn stains from your windows or revitalizing the exterior surfaces of your home through effective pressure washing techniques, we are here to exceed your expectations. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions sets us apart in the industry. Trust us to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home while ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. Let us take care of your residential cleaning needs so that you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your beautifully maintained property.

If you’re a Pacific Northwest homeowner, you’ve navigated our rainy season before. But while the grey skies might be old news for you, they can do a number on your property. A professional gutter cleaning service is a simple way to protect your home - and your investment! OUR GUTTER CLEANING SOLUTION We know that gutter cleaning isn’t just a component of your property maintenance checklist: It’s an essential component. That’s why our professionals deliver a thorough service to protect your investment. We use a time-tested method to clean your gutters and prepare them for reliable service. First, you can get an instant bid right from our website to get an estimate for the project. After making an appointment that suits your calendar, our team will: Arrive trained, courteous, and ready for service If needed, remove lawn ornamentation to prepare the worksite Safely position ladders around the perimeter of your home Remove debris and buildup from your gutter system Clear clogs from your downspouts Test the gutter system to make sure it runs smoothly Leave your gutters clean and ready to protect your home a4e4263a-f074-11eb-8183-a0369f10330e Get A Free Estimate YOUR GUTTER CLEANING GUARANTEE With gutter cleaning from Squeegee Pros, you are investing in the quality of your property. Our team delivers a professional service that will: Prevent flooding into your basement and around foundation Stop erosion to your landscaping and soil Kill mold and mildew to prevent a costly issue down the road Keep out infestations from insects and rodents Your gutters the tool that every home needs. Your property relies on this system when rain is in the forecast - and they let you approach any weather with peace of mind. Let Squeegee Pros meet your gutter cleaning needs all year long!
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s really up to you. We offer scheduled window cleaning maintenance quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly. We also provide commercial window cleaning customers weekly window cleaning upon request. Ultimately its up to you and how particularly dirty your windows get. It’s satisfying when your windows are so clean that your looking through them rather than at them.

For residential window cleaning we use basic window cleaning supplies such as a strip washer and a squeegee using biodegradable window cleaning solution mix in water. Then we wipe all the edges and clean up any drips remaining. We use drop clothes on all interior window cleaning to ensure no drops will land on your carpet or furniture. We access the exterior windows with top of the line ladders using padded stand-offs to protect the siding of your home while cleaning your windows.

Commercial properties are a different ball game. Depending on the commercial property we use a series of ladders, man lifts, water-fed poles, and repelling with a bosun chair for mid to high rise buildings. With an onsite bid we can determine what kind of equipment is needed for your commercial property. For residential window cleaning we can almost always provide an over the phone bid the same day.

We get calls to clean gutter protection systems all the time. Most all of them do not work. It really depends on the type of debris that your gutters accumulate. What they can do is limit the maintenance of your gutters but they will never eliminate it. We recommend getting on a reoccurring gutter cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your roof and gutters in great shape.

We use extension poles with gutter spoons to pull the debris to us. Then using scoopers we hand pull out all the debris. Once the bulk of the debris is gone the next step to clean gutters is running water and / or sponges inside the gutters to assure that all the debris is out. We check all the downspouts on your home to see if they’re flowing correctly and not clogged. Depending on if your gutters run in ground our out we use downspout snakes to clear them or we unscrew and take apart the elbow of the downspout, clear it, and reattach it. We do all of this while keeping your grounds and surrounding areas completely clean. We can haul the debris offsite with us or use your yard waste bin.

There are a couple types of roof cleaning we offer. We use backpack blowers to blow off any unwanted leaves and pine needles that have accumulated on your roof. We remove moss by brushing off the clumps then re-blowing the roof. After most the moss is gone we lay down a zinc sulfate powder to kill the rest of any remaining moss. The main focus in moss removal is getting the moss off and killing what’s left while ensuring the maximum life of your roof. We do not recommend pressure washing directly on your roof. It may look good but with the high cost of roofing, it’s more of a risk than it is worth.

Pressure washing is a great way to keep your home looking the best. We use commercial grade pressure washers for your residential and commercial properties. With all flat concrete surfaces we use rotating surface cleaners to give a powerful and even clean. Then we use power nozzles to clean the edges and any stairs or ledges. For pressure washing your house we use a “soft wash” technique which uses a lower PSI, combined with biodegradable cleaners and a 40 degree wide angle nozzle.

All of our services can be completed without anyone home. We arrive at your home, perform the service needed and leave an invoice. If requested we can provide before and after pictures to be sent to your email the second the job is completed.

We take Visa or Mastercard via Square over the phone or at the location of the service. We also take checks and cash. All payments are due after job is completed to satisfaction.

Head on over to the contact page for all the details. We look forward to your business!