WE ERASE Tiger Strips

Are your gutters tattooed with dark vertical lines? These eyesores are called tiger stripes, and they put a serious damper on your curb appeal. Tiger striping happens when dirt and other buildup accumulates at the top of your gutters. When rain falls, it pulls this debris along with it. The result is a pathway of grime - and the longer it goes unchecked, the harder it is to remove. That’s where Squeegee Pros can step in. Our professional gutter brightening service is designed to restore curb appeal to your property, starting with tiger stripe removal!
View of copper gutter on house

OUR GUTTER Brightening Solution

You can think of gutter brightening as the final brushstroke on your property’s curb appeal. We deliver top-quality solutions to your home - so you can set your expectations high. The process includes:

  • Cleaning your gutters.

    Our professionals deliver a thorough clean to your gutters to ensure that they flow smoothly and are debris-free.

  • Washing your gutter face.

    We hand-wash your gutters to remove dirty buildup. This is a careful, meticulous process - and we take a detailed approach.

  • Applying a brightening agent.

    Our special brightening solution is designed to bring out a crisp and clean aesthetic, so your gutters look like they were just installed.

  • Revealing a “just like new” result.

    After we’ve cleaned your gutters, washed the exterior system, and applied a brightening solution, they’re ready for their debut.

With professional service, top-quality equipment and cleaners, and extensive experience, your gutter brightening solution is a guaranteed benefit to your property. Prepare to enjoy a whole new frontier of curb appeal!