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Archive for September 2012

Window Cleaning on Mercer Island

A short drive east on I-90 from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle, and your in the middle of Lake Washington. Mercer Island is really nice. Nice homes, nice people, and there little downtown is booming with new development. Here we have a job we just recently finished at a gym on Mercer island.…

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Glass Storefront Awnings

Summer in Washington is the best in my opinion. Beautiful weather for weeks! But when the winter comes the rain comes with. That’s why we have awnings all along our downtown storefronts. Most of these new awnings are glass now and I’m a big fan. The only problem i would have about glass awnings is…

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Cleaning a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular. They last long, are durable and they have a really nice look to them. cleaning them can kind of be tricky if they are steep because there so slippery. Also there are a couple ways to go about cleaning them. you can use a pressure washer and turn down…

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Pressure Washing in Seattle

Lets talk about pressure washing. I see houses, sidewalks, driveways, patios all over Seattle that are just grimy, and mossy. When this build up of grime forms and rains it turns black and can be very slippery as well. But most of all it doesn’t look good. There is all kinds of upkeep that goes into a  house and…

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Window washing in Bellevue

Dirty windows. Dirty windows are the reason im in the window washing business. My mission is to find these dirty windows, and clean them. Thus why i started a window washing business. I dream of a world where all glass small, big, high in the sky, to basement windows are clean. The truth in the…

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New construction Window washing in Seattle

New construction window cleaning is a popular service we perform at squeegee pros. It takes over twice the amount of time to clean each piece of glass. Each pane is carefully cleaned and re-cleaned with scrapers, steel wool, and strip washers. I really like seeing the final product of a construction window cleaning job because…

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