The gutter is an often overlooked component of your roof. When well-maintained, gutters do an excellent job of draining rainwater away from roofs and precious interiors. However, without proper care, gutters can clog up with surrounding pollutants, causing severe damage to your building and posing potential health hazards. 


Leaky Gutters


Snow, water, and debris will gradually take a toll on your gutter, compromising its structural integrity. Eventually, gutter joints will separate due to the sheer weight of the buildup, causing leaks. You can identify a leak by the water pouring from various sections of your gutter (instead of from its spout/ downpipe). 


While homeowners may choose to mend a leak with patching kits, this can lead to further corrosion and widen the size of the original gap.


Sagging Gutters


Gutter debris such as twigs, leaves, and stagnant water may apply pressure on the screws of your gutter support (i.e., hangars), causing the structure to sag. If left unattended, sagging gutters may eventually collapse and potentially cause serious injury to nearby visitors or occupants.


Water Freezing in Gutters


Waterlogged gutters can prove highly destructive during the colder months when they can repeatedly turn into ice dams and melt. The constant thawing cycle (expansion and contraction) against the delicate gutter structure gradually distorts its shape and reduces its effectiveness. As a result, you might face leaks or overflows that could drown your surrounding plants and cause basement floods.


Avoid Gutter Issues With Professional Cleaning Services


Ultimately, routine gutter cleaning by a cleaning specialist is your most reliable solution for lasting gutters and the prevention of costly repairs and replacements. 


At Squeegee Pros, we combine the highest standards in gutter cleaning with the latest soft washing techniques. These techniques are eco-friendly and produce lasting results without damaging your delicate roof parts. Our trained, certified, and bonded technicians can eliminate the environmental pollutants/debris that lead to long-term gutter issues.


Reach out to a member of the Squeegee Pro team for a free quote and enjoy spotless and functional gutters all year round!