Gutters are like the veins of your home. They should be given routine maintenance and care to prevent unsightly and hazardous clogging, which may seriously impede your drainage system.

Cleaning experts are well-stocked with the technical know-how and advanced tools required in unclogging stubborn dirt build-up that when left untreated, may lead to water stagnation that becomes a common breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes and roaches.

Choosing a reliable team of residential gutter cleaning professionals can safeguard the health of your loved ones, as well as maintain optimal function of your sewage and drainage systems.

Squeegee Pros

Squeegee is a trusted cleaning company based in the greater Seattle area, which offers a specialized and comprehensive approach towards residential gutter maintenance. Our experts will remove all troublesome debris and maintain a steady flow from your pipelines with unmatched dedication and thoroughness.


Our experienced team believes in providing respectful services to homeowners as we work through the details and assist you in solving your gutter issues.

Hand-washed Approach

We do not miss a spot with our dedicated handwashing methods that clean out every inch of the gutter surface with precision.  Be it mildew, dirt, scum, or debris, we are prepared in eliminating all traces of it.

Additional Gutter Maintenance Service

Aside from the removal of build-up, our professionals go the extra mile in applying a coat of specially formulated gutter shine that makes your gutter look as good as new. The polished results will stun your visitors and neighbors alike while improving the aesthetic value of your home.

Visit our site for an instant bid from our service team to accurately calculate fees to match your specific property needs.