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Archive for August 2012

Mid rise window cleaning in Seattle

We at squeegee pros window cleaning love heights. It’s fun for us to hang off a building with our feet dangling washing some windows. Here we have one of our guys hanging off a seven story building on capital hill in Seattle. We use all necessary safety precautions to safely complete any job. Working at…

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Pressure washing in Seattle

Pressure washing is still booming all through out summer. walkways, driveways, house siding, whitening up the gutters. You name it. Pressure washing makes everything around your house look brand new. Its this before and after we have just a simple walkway and after we pressure washed the concrete it looks ten times better! With our…

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Window Cleaning in Seattle and not in Paris

Robots are taking over the world! No im kidding, but I just got back from traveling all through out Europe for almost a month. When I was in Paris looking up at the glass Louvre pyramid I saw this thing here. Its a robotic window cleaner that travels up and down the glass cleaning it. I have never…

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