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Archive for March 2012

Pressure Washing Seattle – Basketball Court

Spring is here! In this before and after we pressure washed a basketball court that you can actually unsnap and put back together. This court had a ton of moss growing underneath the court and was starting to come up underneath. We unsnapped the entire court then pressure washed all the moss away. After re…

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Pressure washing in Seattle

Spring is almost here! From spring and through summer is the best time to for pressure washing of any kind. During fall all the leaves clutter pile up on our driveways and walkways. After they stay there all winter leaves actually stain the concrete leaving a dirty grimy look all over. We combine our commercial…

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Gutter Cleaning in Sammamish

Gutter cleaning helps manage the flow of water from your roof and through your downspouts out and away from your home. When gutter are clogged it can ruin and rot your fascia boards, form unwanted pools of water around your foundation, and add consent weight to your gutters and roof causing them to bust, and…

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