Lets talk about pressure washing. I see houses, sidewalks, driveways, patios all over Seattle that are just grimy, and mossy. When this build up of grime forms and rains it turns black and can be very slippery as well. But most of all it doesn’t look good. There is all kinds of upkeep that goes into a  house and surrounding property. One that is overlooked is just a good pressure washing. Your patios, driveways, walkways and your house. I’m not talking about using those cute pressure washers your buy at home depot that produce 1500 psi to clean off your rims of your car. Im taking about an industrial 4000+ psi pressure washer that can quickly and effectively perform. Take a look at the before and after photo here. Its an even clean. There are no striping or marks, just an even thorough wash. Equip with our pressure washers we us concrete surface cleaners as well. Give us a call and well give you a quote for any pressure washing project you need. Over the phone and same day.