Dirty windows. Dirty windows are the reason im in the window washing business. My mission is to find these dirty windows, and clean them. Thus why i started a window washing business. I dream of a world where all glass small, big, high in the sky, to basement windows are clean. The truth in the matter is, glass gets dirty. Look at your windows and see if your looking through the glass, or at the glass. Most likely if your on this website reading this blog post your windows are dirty, and im guessing your looking for a window cleaner that is professional, prompt, years of experience, and might i add handsome. Look no further, because you have found squeegee pros window cleaning.

More about the photo though. I took this photo at a window washing job in Bellevue. I mean i took this shot with my iphone. Technology these days..

On a more serious note we take pride in window washing and were good at it. Call us today and we can give you a bid over the phone within minutes.