Gutter Downspout Screens

Gutters in the Seattle area are used all the time. Keeping your gutters clean and functioning is an important home maintenance that should be done annually. Water should flow off your roof and into the downspout so that it can be directed into your rain barrels, off your property, or onto the ground. On the…

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Gutter Cleaning Season in Sammamish

Its that time of year again. Its getting cold, dark, and the leaves have fallen. The rain has already started to come down and some of you are seeing water falls pour from your gutters. Its just the time of year to get those gutters cleaned out and the downspouts cleared. This picture your seeing…

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Window Cleaning on a Raft

We just finished on an interesting job. I like the challenge of being able to clean any type of glass. Here was a fun building that was completely surrounded by water out in Bellevue. While most of the building had a walkway around the edges, there was a section that we had to paddle out…

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Pressure washing your driveway!

This could be your driveway! Look how clean it could be! Pressure washing is satisfying for me. It just cleans up and brightens your concrete or patios right up. When the customer comes out during or after the job its just a night and day difference. Pressure washing a driveway is something that gets forgot…

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Ladder Placement Protects your Gutters

We use ladders everyday all day long at squeegee pros. We use them to get to windows and to get onto roofs to perhaps gutter clean, roof clean, or to get to a skylight. One important thing I have noticed is that the gutter outlines your home and if someone has scuffed or dented or…

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Window Cleaning on a House Boat

Its been some time before I have posted anything, but here is a fun job we did recently. We got to clean some windows on a house boat in Lake Union the other day. These are so fun for us! We get to  have great view of the city and lake as well as do…

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Pressure Washing Season

Its time folks. Spring is here and that means pressure washing season has begun. In Autumn leaves fall and cover sidewalks, driveways, and patios. During winter the leaves stain all of these surfaces leaving discoloration and grime to decks and concrete. Just a quick pressure washing and everything is back to looking fresh again. Here…

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Another mid-rise building in Seattle

Back to work we go! Window cleaning in the winter tends to die down overall. The hours are short and they days are crumby. But March pretty much sets off the year for us. Its the beginning of the “window cleaning season ” as well as other services like pressure washing is popular in spring and summer.…

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Better check those sills.

Window cleaning is a pretty typical cleaning in any home. I would categorized it as house maintenance. Gutter cleaning, roof work, painting, etc. It makes your home feel cleaner and your views crisper. It’s something most people don’t think about. There are a lot of window cleaners and competition out there. Just like any other…

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are getting more popular in the Seattle greater area. The technology is getting better and people are using them for homes, business’s and even boats. There are two main types of solar panel systems. Off grid types that supply just you and only you and there are grid tie systems that supply you and if more…

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