Window cleaning is a pretty typical cleaning in any home. I would categorized it as house maintenance. Gutter cleaning, roof work, painting, etc. It makes your home feel cleaner and your views crisper. It’s something most people don’t think about.
There are a lot of window cleaners and competition out there. Just like any other business/job. I have worked with a lot of cleaners in the past seven years. I try my best to learn the tricks and helpful hints of others and combine them with my own technique.
One thing I have been noticing with window cleaners is that some companies and cleaners are not wiping up the outside window sill. You would think this is a basic procedure. I’m guessing the thought here is that the customer is looking out the window and seeing it’s clean. This minimal performance is bothersome to me.
Here in the before and after we cleaned the window and it looks great but we didn’t wipe the sill. As you can see after we wiped everything down it really cleans up nice. It’s it takes two seconds. Your welcome 🙂