Its been some time before I have posted anything, but here is a fun job we did recently. We got to clean some windows on a house boat in Lake Union the other day. These are so fun for us! We get to  have great view of the city and lake as well as do some crazy ladder climbs. I don’t know if you can see but in the picture I set up a ladder from one neighbors house boat, over the water, to the house we were working on. When I looked down I could see myself in the reflection! These house boats are pretty stable for the most part but they do tend to sway with waves here and there. I didn’t realize this and when on the ladder it moved just a smidgen by some waves, but it was enough for me to hold on for dear life. If I had my way I would clean house boats windows all day. Going up and down the docks from one house to another with a ladder and some squeegees. Lets clean your house boats windows for you already have a million dollar view!