Solar panels are getting more popular in the Seattle greater area.
The technology is getting better and people are using them for homes, business’s and even boats. There are two main types of solar panel systems. Off grid types that supply just you and only you and there are grid tie systems that supply you and if more energy is available it gives back to the grid. There are downsides to each of these types. For the grid tie solar panel systems, when the grid goes down so do the solar panels. There is no “switch” or any way to just power only yourself with grid tie systems. once the grid goes down so does your grid tie system. That’s where off grid solar systems come in. They supply you and only you. The downside to these systems is that they are extremely expensive in the fact that the batteries are still not as advanced as one would think for 2012. they depreciate fast and cost a lot.

All in all solar energy is getting more popular everywhere and im a fan of this clean energy. Keeping your panels clean maximizes your solar panels performance. We have been cleaning solar panels for years now. They gunk up just like your gutters and roof. We clean them carefully using light biodegradable products and a water fed pole. Depending on the location of your panels, usually a once a year clean in perfect.