Around Seattle, you’ll notice quite a few roofs could use a good cleaning. Black streaks drag down the curb appeal, making plenty of homes and neighborhoods feel dirty. But there’s another problem. A more serious one.

Those black streaks feed on limestone shingles due to the moisture held in them.

At first, it’s just ugly. But over time, it eats away the roof. The bacteria making up those streaks wind up being a pretty expensive fix if you wait too long to deal with it.

On the other hand, we offer a safe service to clean it. We not only erase those black streaks but also remove any moss right along with it. To fully break it down, an annual cleaning from us does two major things for you. Removing all those stains raises up the curb appeal of your home for one. But it also protects the integrity of your roof, making it last longer. Which saves money in the long run.

To really protect your home, you might also want to consider paring a gutter cleaning with our roof cleaning service. Otherwise, in just a couple of years, the gutters will clog and overflow. The wood underneath starts rotting from that dirty gutter water seeping in. Then both the gutters and the roof structure suffer, needing not just expensive repair, but often a replacement.

Now along with cleaning out the inside of the gutter, we can do something else for you as well.

In the Pacific Northwest, gutters attract grime. But we can take care of that by brightening the outsides. It’ll raise your curb appeal drastically, and bring a sense of pride in your beautiful home.

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