Your windows are some of the most outstanding features of your property. Additionally, they serve multiple purposes beyond aesthetics. However, due to the delicate components of your window installations (i.e., wooden frames and glass panels), you’ll need a proper cleaning solution to keep them unblemished without causing accidental damage. 


Hiring professionals like Squeegee Pros ensures that your windows stay pristine throughout the seasons, with specialists certified to apply the most advanced pressure washing solutions. 


Eliminates Mold 

Mold is one of the most harmful environmental contaminants found in under-maintained properties. When inhaled, these pathogens may cause severe breathing problems and allergic reactions. Mold thrives in high moisture areas such as window panes and panels, where condensation often occurs. 


Squeegee Pros’ advanced pressure washing techniques will eliminate mold build-ups to keep your windows hygienic for all occupants. 


Extends Structure Life


The glass surfaces of your windows require careful attention and maintenance in retaining their polished appearance. However, exposure to the surrounding environment may attract grit, rainwater, leaves, and other debris that etch and distort your glass structures. 

Professional pressure washing experts can help remove the smallest impurities before they penetrate deeper into your windows. As a result, you can expect more durable windows and fewer repairs and replacements over the years. 


Optimize Your Windows


Professionally cleaned windows are highly functional, letting in natural light that creates a positive indoor atmosphere and reduces HVAC costs during cooler months. The specialists at Squeegee pros provide over a decade of specialized cleaning experience, achieving a deep clean for streak-free results. 


Additionally, our technicians have a keen eye for detail, identifying the earliest signs of window damage to help homeowners take precautionary measures to prevent further damage. Essentially, by trusting a professional washing company, you will save time and effort in maintaining your windows and avoid missing a spot. 


Reach out to the Squeegee Pros Team for a free quote and enjoy glistening windows all year round!