Welcome to the holiday season! Along with all the presents, football, fun, and heavy jackets, it’s time to invest in making sure your home is in the best shape possible. Your gutters are a crucial part of that, and that’s where Squeegee Pros come into play. 

Why Cleaning Your Gutters is so Critical

Here’s why cleaning your gutters is such an essential part of your home’s overall health:

  • They’re open to the environment. The Pacific Northwest’s weather is treacherous. High wind, rain, and other weather elements can dirty or damage your gutters; proper cleaning and maintenance of those gutters is key to making sure your investment is secure.
  • Leaves, debris, and animal effects. All of these things can build up “dams” or blockages within your gutter system. If these blockages get large enough, they can cause your gutters to break. That can do significant damage to your home’s overall health.
  • It’s key for curb appeal. Making sure your gutters look their best is a cornerstone of your home’s overall health! By investing in your gutters, you’ll be able to show off the house to all the relatives with pride and joy. 


At Squeegee Pros, we arrive trained, courteous, and ready for service. We can remove any obstacles needed for the worksite and always work safely with ladders around the home. Once we remove debris and buildup from your gutter system and clear the clogs from your downspouts, we test the gutter system to make sure it runs smoothly and make sure your gutters are ready to protect your home! 

Get Started With Squeegee Pros

Ready to get your gutters cleaned and looking their best for this holiday season? If you’re in the greater Seattle area, it’s time to call the Squeegee Pros before everything gets booked up for the holiday season! Contact us now.


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