Pressure Washing From Squeegee Pros

How can you provide your property the full clean it deserves? For both commercial and private properties, sometimes the standard cleaning measures just won’t do. There are some spills, stains, grime buildups, and dirty areas that won’t respond to traditional cleaning methods. No matter how hard (or often) you try.   In that case, it’s…

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The Best for Your Property, Squeegee Pros

Grey house with blue sky

If you want the very best for your property when it comes to pressure washing, Squeegee Pros is the company to turn to. There’s nothing quite like the beautiful shine that a professional pressure washing brings to your property. If you’re in the Seattle and greater Puget Sound area, Squeegee Pros is the company you…

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Pressure washing in Seattle

Spring is almost here! From spring and through summer is the best time to for pressure washing of any kind. During fall all the leaves clutter pile up on our driveways and walkways. After they stay there all winter leaves actually stain the concrete leaving a dirty grimy look all over. We combine our commercial…

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