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Gutter Cleaning in Sammamish

Gutter cleaning helps manage the flow of water from your roof and through your downspouts out and away from your home. When gutter are clogged it can ruin and rot your fascia boards, form unwanted pools of water around your foundation, and add consent weight to your gutters and roof causing them to bust, and…

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Commercial Window Cleaning in Seattle

Our window cleaning experts have the equipment, experience, and professionalism to handle any commercial window cleaning job. We always emphasize safety on every job we accept. Here we have a forty foot ladder set up to a four story building in Greenlake, Seattle. This was a window cleaning job. When using such a tall ladder…

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Moss Removal and roof clean in Seattle

In the greater Seattle are and northwest moss grows all over because of the moisture, especially in shaded areas that are covered by trees or places where there is not a lot of sun. Moss removal and roof cleaning help maintain and keep the life or your roof. Here we have a really steep roof…

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Residential Seattle Pressure Washing Job | Before and After

You can improve your house’s street appeal by pressure washing your patios, sidewalks, entry ways, and even your house using a “soft wash” technique. Here we have a small residential pressure wash job in Seattle. The customer wanted to get rid of the moss, algae, and gunk from her sidewalks. During these cold rainy months mossy steps and walkways…

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Residential Bellevue Roof Cleaning Job | Before and After

Basic roof maintenance can vastly increase the life of your roof as well as the overall look. Keeping debris off your roof and out of your gutter helps rain flow on your home. Here we have a customer in Bellevue that got a roof blow and some moss chemical application, followed by gutter cleaning. As you can…

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Welcome to the New Squeegee Pros Website

We’re exited to debut the new and improved Squeegee Pros website. We will be adding some new features to the site, including a blog where we can show you some of our current projects and photos from the field. We will also be providing more detail to the additional services that Squeegee Pros will be…

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