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Better check those sills.

Window cleaning is a pretty typical cleaning in any home. I would categorized it as house maintenance. Gutter cleaning, roof work, painting, etc. It makes your home feel cleaner and your views crisper. It’s something most people don’t think about. There are a lot of window cleaners and competition out there. Just like any other…

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are getting more popular in the Seattle greater area. The technology is getting better and people are using them for homes, business’s and even boats. There are two main types of solar panel systems. Off grid types that supply just you and only you and there are grid tie systems that supply you and if more…

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Gutter Cleaning Season is here and now

Its been fall for a while now. The weather was really good in the beginning of the month. Its now nearing the end of October and the weather has turned one eighty. Its cold and rainy like every year this time. This is when the calls start coming in for roof cleaning, moss removal, and gutter cleaning.…

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Moss removal for composition roofs

When it comes to moss removal on composition roofs pressure washing is not the way to go. It looks  really good yes, but the pressure pulls off so much of the grit and life from the shingles. Or when done wrong can cause leaking in your roof. We like to spray a light chemical first to…

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Whitening your gutters with squeegee pros

Gutter cleaning pertains to cleaning the inside of the gutters so that rain water from your roof can flow off and out of your property. Gutter whitening is cleaning the outside of the actual gutters for the appearance and street view appeal. Two different types of cleaning but both equally needed. Our method of gutter whitening is to…

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Gutter Cleaning in Queen Anne

Boom! look at these gutters. I would say this may be one of my “best before and after” gutter reviews. I mean there are plants growing here. Me and the owner shared a nice laugh when i showed him this picture. No worries now, we cleaned out all the debris, cleared the downspouts and water…

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Awning pressure washing

Today we were doing some window cleaning at a warehouse business complex in south Seattle and they had one steel awning above the front entrance. The awning was full of grim and dirt, not the most appealing front entrance. We pointed this out to the owners and offered our services. It only took us an hour…

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Another mid rise building cleaned in Seattle

Lately we have been busy with hanging off of seven story buildings. We Love this type of work. Early in the morning we get a nice view of the sunrise and the city we live in. Through out the day people look up and see us danging our feet working and they ask “isn’t it scary?”.…

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Window Cleaning on Mercer Island

A short drive east on I-90 from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle, and your in the middle of Lake Washington. Mercer Island is really nice. Nice homes, nice people, and there little downtown is booming with new development. Here we have a job we just recently finished at a gym on Mercer island.…

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Glass Storefront Awnings

Summer in Washington is the best in my opinion. Beautiful weather for weeks! But when the winter comes the rain comes with. That’s why we have awnings all along our downtown storefronts. Most of these new awnings are glass now and I’m a big fan. The only problem i would have about glass awnings is…

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