Get Your Gutters Cleaned for the Holiday Season

Welcome to the holiday season! Along with all the presents, football, fun, and heavy jackets, it’s time to invest in making sure your home is in the best shape possible. Your gutters are a crucial part of that, and that’s where Squeegee Pros come into play.  Why Cleaning Your Gutters is so Critical Here’s why…

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3 Reasons You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned

Your windows are some of the most outstanding features of your property. Additionally, they serve multiple purposes beyond aesthetics. However, due to the delicate components of your window installations (i.e., wooden frames and glass panels), you’ll need a proper cleaning solution to keep them unblemished without causing accidental damage.    Hiring professionals like Squeegee Pros…

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Windows With a View From Squeegee Pros

Give your home - and yourself - the gift of a brighter view with a window cleaning solution! Squeegee Pros is your Budget's Sound source for streak-free panes. OUR WINDOW CLEANING PROMISE We specialize in a window cleaning service that is anything but average. We care about quality - and we’re proud to deliver the best results. This is why Squeegee Pros: Cleans with care. All our cleaning products are biodegradable and non-toxic. Delivers one-stop-shop service. We clean virtually every glass surface: skylights, french door panels, mirrors, deck rails, and more. Guarantees a streak-free result. With our team on the job, your windows will always be expertly cleaned and completely streak free.

What homeowner doesn’t want big, beautiful windows with a view? Unfortunately, time (and the elements) can turn your lovely windows to the world into something grimy, streaky, and unseemly. There’s no need to go without windows with a view out to the world in your home. At Squeegee Pros, we get your windows in tip-top…

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